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i just got another notification saying i got another follower



i dont even update this blog anymore

so good luck tryna milk this site of “posts” which are mostly spam anyway if the co-authors on this blog wanna trash it which i give them 105% permission to

I’m About to Die

Okay, well seriously, I’m probably already dead on this blog. And I’ve only made 8 posts since, like, half a year ago. xP But whatever, I’ll just keep doing my own thing… I guess. Probably won’t post about Fantage much just because I don’t really play it enough to be interesting. Although, I might not be posting a lot in general, so…

Anyways! Why am I about to die, you ask? You probably don’t care at this point. I have to get rid of 90 gems. One at a time. While getting stinkin’ stickers all the while. Although, I do like that Fantage has events to get rid of my worthless gems (the ones that I have all the items for). So whoever’s out there, wish me luck. 😉


By the way, haven’t you noticed that this event (or at least this part) is exactly the same as it was who-knows-how-long-ago that was? I wonder if there’s prizes this time, though. It didn’t mention it, but maybe there will be? Whatever. Onto the riddance of rubies.


P.S. Hello to those of you who have no idea that I “work” on this blog! Nice seein’ ya!


This place is dead. So why am I trying to kill you by posting junk here? Because why not.




I’ve been making junk like the above. Yes, this is what I do when I have my Math exam in 13 hours.

Do you guys want me to make one for you? I’m pathetically jobless, especially because my exams are going on.

Also, I think it’s feeding time for Luke.

//slow claps

//slow claps with Lady Gaga sneezing in the background

You don’t mind spam here, do you?

Luke’s Amazing Fantage 432k Gold GIVEAWAY! 6/8-7/8/16

From today to July 8, you can comment on RANT AND REMINISCENCE*ONLY* to get a chance to be one of the three lucky people to win 144,000 Gold! 

Gold Giveaway Poster


Prize (3 winners)

On July 8, I’ll post a screenshot of three randomly-picked winners who will each get 144,000 Gold.

Note: If you’re a nonmember without permission, the only thing I can tell you is to buy the $3.99 membership, which I think is totally worth getting 144,000G.


  1. No using other accounts. I will verify that nobody is using another WordPress account by checking IP addresses. If two or more people have the same IP address, I will disqualify all entries with that IP address.
  2. If you are one of the winners and you don’t claim your prize by July 15, I will pass your prize to the fourth/fifth/sixth winners. But really, who would forget about or pass up 144,000 Gold?
  3. This may be heartbreaking for some people, but I just ask as a courtesy rule thatif you have 100,000G or higher that you please do NOT enter this raffle so as to let others (specifically the broke nonmembers who can’t possibly earn more without wasting real money) have a chance to improve their Fantage financial state.
  4. When you comment your amount of entries, please, please, PLEASE say it all in one comment or as few comments as you possibly can. I encourage you to do all that you are willing to to get maximum entries before you comment – I had a moderate problem with this when I hosted a 15k Gold giveaway last year. It just makes the comment section really messy and ugh. Just list all of your entry eligibilities and the sum of them all.
  5. Don’t comment “omg this giveaway iz amazing” or anything – of course it’s amazing because it’s being done by me. I’m deleting any comments other than entries! If you have questions, email me at lukeyhoangey123@gmail.com.


Entering (+1) – Comment “Entering.” and please comment your email so I can conveniently notify you if you win.

Spread the Word (+1) – Reblog this on your own website! If you have more than one website, however, I’m only counting one, so post it on your most popular one. (I am reblogging this on The Fantage Press; anyone else who reblogs it on there will not count for another entry point. Entries will only count if posted on Rant and Reminiscence.)

Veteran Perk (+3) – I have a record of all my 37 followers before I made this post. If you know you’ve been following before this post, say “Veteran” in your comment and I’ll make sure you get 3 extra entries.

Follow (+1) – If you haven’t already followed, following will earn you one extra entry. You must stay followed, though, even though I can’t do anything about it…

Vaseline Art (+1) – Email me (lukeyhoangey123@gmail.com) a haiku or acrostic poem about Vaseline.

Profile Picture (+5) – Draw me a headshot/bust-up of Korosensei, Karma Akabane, Tadaomi Karasuma, or Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom for +5 entries each. +25 if you do all of them. I can’t draw and I’d like a profile picture of one of/all of them from someone in this community.😛

Karma Akabane
Tadaomi Karasuma
Nagisa Shiota

Header (+10) – Ha I really need a new header that isn’t a cheap stock photo. The title must be “Rant and Reminiscence” and must feature any of the above Assassination Classroom characters. My new theme recommends 1200 x 280-pixel headers, but anything close to that proportion is also fine because I can crop it.

Kind of like how Anna’s header features Russia. (Lol this is the only example I could find from my following list. All the others were Fantage avatars.)

So apparently the maximum entries you can earn is 41.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Drawing on July 8th; I will make a list of everybody who’s joined and their entries and ask everyone who has entered to confirm that they’re on the list and they have the right number of entries.

Sorry, no consolation prize if you aren’t able to get a kiosk except maybe a picture of petroleum jelly!

~ Luka Puka

Giveaway Continued

Sorry about leaving the giveaway site at the end, guys.

My aunt was screaming her head off at me because I forgot about lunch and my spaghetti and garlic bread was just sitting there cooling down for about an hour. o.o

Anyway, I’m going to start it again at 4:20 MST (in about 40 minutes, if MST is the correct time zone.) I’m sorry for the short notice but this way I think there will be fewer random people I don’t know and more of you guys, my followers, who actually know me and have talked to me and stuff. You’re all so wonderful. 😛

LOL It was pretty funny for that whole hour I was selling boards, though. Lots of “YESSS!!” and “OMG NOOO I SWEAR I CLICKED IT RIGHT WHEN IT CAME UP,” etc.

Also, I’m legit surprised at how much Gold it generated.

I started with just 22,000.

Now we’re at just over 150,000.


Ok, well anyway, if you’re super needy (or greedy lol) and you have 1,000 Gold or higher because that’s unfortunately the minimum for most items, come to Rose Robin at 4:15 MST, kiosk 33A-9 and join the fun. Once again, I just ask that if you already have one of the boards I post, do NOT buy it and please save it for others.